Regarging impossibleness to save libertarian free will

Nozawa Shinichi



What is "free will"?

What's the definition?
Does it exist?

"Free will" is a frame to recognize causality between mental state and action.

Sense of Agency

The sense of agency (SA), or sense of control, is the subjective awareness of initiating, executing, and controlling one's own volitional actions in the world.[1] It is the pre-reflective awareness or implicit sense that it is I who is executing bodily movement(s) or thinking thoughts.


something which initiate new actions or new mental state

  • intention
  • volition
  • voluntary
  • urge
  • impulse
  • drive
  • desire
  • decision
  • deliberation
  • motivation

What is "free-ness" of free will?

What I do or what I think is decided or initiated by myself.
= free

What I do or what I think is not decided or initiated by myself.
= not free

Is this right?

What I decide is not decided by myself consciously and intendedly.

Will is abruptly given.

We don't intend to create what kind of will we are going to make.
Some thoughts, wills, impulses, urges, desires or other motivations of actions are given without deliberate conscious process,
and we accept it as ourselve's will.
We obey the will.
We are barely aware of such connection of pop-out thoughts and acceptance explicitly.
It supports "Free-ness" of free will.

Mind-Body problem (心身問題)

Mind-Brain problem (心脳問題)

Dualism : How one interact with the other?


visual processing of seeing rose

  • External to retina

  • retina to LGN

  • LGN to V1

  • V1 to Ventral Pathway


conscious experience of seeing rose

Where does conscious experience occur in the physical process?

Brain to Mind (1)

Brain to Mind (2)

Nerural correclates of consciousness

Same brain activity, Same conscious experience

Free will as Inverted problem of Mind-Body problem

What rule does it obey?

What is free will like

We believe our will control our body.

What is free will like

We believe our will control our body.

But our will don't reach our body.

Does our will control our body?

Our brain generates both our feelings and action simultaneously.

What is "free will"?

What's the definition?
Does it exist?
It depends on definition.

Libertarian free will may be saved by ....

  • Wave function collapse with side-effects
  • Many-world interpretation

Thank you